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Ten Times Savings Guarantee

We will analyze your car deal for free.  After having analyzed your car deal we will show you how to save money.  There are at least ten ways to save money on each car deal.  After we analyze your car deal we guarantee you will save at least ten times our fee, if not, you will not be charged at all.  

Save Money On Your Car Deal

Here we will show you how to save money on your car deal.  Including specific details about the car deal you are currently working with your dealer. We will show you in exact detail how to save money in each part of your car deal, and we will show you the before and after of your car deal.  The before is what the car dealer has presented to you and the after is what we show you after we have analyzed and reviewed your car deal.  We will point out how to save money on your actual car deal therefore keeping more money in your pocket.  In most cases we have pointed out how to save literally thousands of dollars right up front and often time’s additional huge savings over the course of ownership of your car.  

How It Works

We Will Analyze Your Car Deal For Free.

After having analyzed your car deal we will show you how to save money.  

Who Uses Our Services?

Everyone buying a Used Car.  We can help in any of the following purchase situations:

  • Buying a Used Car from a Franchised New Car Dealer.

  • Buying from an Independent Used Car Dealer.

  • Buying from a One Price Dealer.

  • Buying from a Private Party.

  • Buying from a Bank or Credit Union.

  • Buying from a Relative or Friend.

  • We are especially useful for First Time Car Buyers.

  • And more.​

Put Your Money to Use

Many people spend up to $39.99 for a Vehicle History Report to make sure the used car they are buying has a clean title.  We recommend either Carfax or AutoCheck, they are the largest, best and most recommended Vehicle History Report providers.  

By the same way of thinking, it would be a great idea to spend only $36.00 to have your car deal professionally analyzed.  Let our proprietary algorithms run an analysis on the structure of your current car deal before you buy it.  We will show you how to save lot’s of money.  Then you can return to the dealer with the confidence and knowledge of how to buy a used car and negotiate on your terms.

If you are in the process of buying a used car, we are here to help.  

Maybe you are unsure if your deal is as good as it can get as far as saving you money.  Maybe you want to have a second opinion regarding the value of your trade in.  If you have a question about financing we can help with that too.  If you have any questions at all about the car or truck you are thinking about buying, come to us and let the Car Deal Coach personally review your deal.  We will give you an unbiased opinion of how your deal stands, how we can make it better and in the end show you how to save money.  Our car buying tips and advice could save you thousands of dollars over the life of your car.

Better than Truecar.
Truecar gives you a “ballpark” on how much to spend on a car.  This ballpark number is based on averages of some cars sold.  We are better because we are specific to the actual deal you are working.  Your specific car deal will be analyzed right down to the very penny.  Our proprietary software and algorithms point out exactly the best ways to save.