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We are a team of seasoned automobile professionals that have worked day in and day out in the retail and wholesale automobile business for over thirty years.  We have professionally appraised cars, worked deals and sold literally tens of thousands of cars and trucks over the years.  In short, we know what we are doing and we are here to coach you through your car buying process.  We will put all of our years’ experience together to work for you, right here, right now.  You have nothing to risk and everything to gain.  We will show you how to save money when purchasing the used car of your choice.

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Car Buying Myths Resolved 

Some car buying experts incorrectly explain that you should act not interested when buying a car.  That is not good advice.  And here is why.  Imagine this scenario, you go to a car lot because you have found a car you are interested in.  At this point when you see the salesperson approach you, many advisors say you should not act interested in buying the car because if you act interested then you will pay a higher price.  Not true, actually the opposite, remember, after I teach you how to buy a car, you control the price not the salesperson.  As a matter of fact, the more interested you seem in buying the car, the better the presentation you will get from the salesperson, the better you will get along with the salesperson and the lower the price because the salesperson will take your side when dealing with the manager.  If you seem or act not interested, you will likely get the same not interested treatment from the salesperson.  In other words, when you become “car buying friends” with the salesperson, the more likely he will help you get a better price from his manager.

Think of it this way, what if you had your own car for sale, like on Craigslist or some other website.  You get a call from someone and they ask if they can see the car.  You say sure, come on over.  But when they get to your house the prospective buyer says I’m not really interested, I just want to look at it.  If this was the case, what would you do, you would probably not be to interested in showing the car, you only want to show your car to someone who is interested in buying your car.  The same is true with a car salesperson, they want to show the car to someone who is actually interested in buying the car.  Remember, after I teach you how buy a car, you will control the negotiation, not the salesperson. There is nothing wrong with getting along with your salesperson, car buying should be fun!